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Xiaomi Sells 1.5M Smart Phones and IoT Devices In First Hours of Sale

Xiaomi, sometimes referred to as the ‘Apple’ of China, has sold over 1.5 million devices in India thanks to a flash sale across different platforms and product lines.

The manufacturer launched its sale on its company website, Amazon India and Flipcart. The majority of products sold were its MiTVs, Internet of Things devices and smartphones.

The sale was encouraged by steep discounts for its smartphone devices, including its Redmi, Note, POCO, and K20 branded phones.

Xiaomi first entered the Indian market on July 15, 2014, with its first smartphone offering, the Mi 3. Once the phone was listed, it was quickly sold out on the market with stocks not lasting more than 30 minutes.

As part of the sale, the phones reportedly gained more than 1,000,000 registrations between the periods of July 15 and July 21.

The firm seems to be struggling with how to balance supply and the demand for its products as well as how to provide a smooth shopping experience for its customers.

Commenting on the expansion and popularity of its products, Flipkart’s VP Retail and Head of Brand Alliances Michael Adnani said:

“We were confident of the success of Mi3 in India. It has done extremely well internationally. We are working with Xiaomi to ensure that the purchase experience lives up to our Flipkart promise of excellence.”

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