June 14, 2024

Apple Launches iOS 15 for iPhones

The US-based tech behemoth Apple dropped the iOS 15 software update on Monday. It’s the company’s latest operating system that comes with a lot of features and improvements. This software update will not just be available for its recently launched iPhone 13 but can be deployed in its iPhone 6s, which was released in 2015.

What’s iOS 15 update all about?

Last week, Apple announced the launch of series of hardware products, which included Apple Watch 7 Series, iPad Mini, and iPhone 13 series. Now, the iOS 15 software update has expanded its ecosystem to Android and Windows users too. Earlier, FaceTime, a video calling software, was only reserved for Apple users. Now, Apple users can send the link of FaceTime chat on Android or Windows computer, and with that, the person will link can join the conversation. The link creator needs to permit them to join the FaceTime chat.

Apple users couldn’t see all the links sent to them on iMessages. With iOS 15 update, the links that are sent to iMessages would be sent to other apps. For instance, if a user sends the link to Apple Music or Apple News, the link will be displayed in the section named “Shared with You” in the app. This will help the user to not miss the links sent to them. The feature is applied to Podcasts, Safari, Apple TV+, and more. The section will also show who has shared the particular link.

The company has leveled up AI game for its latest software update. Apple’s new software will help users to identify the landmarks, animals, and objects in the photo. In addition to this, the AI capability will enable users to copy and paste the content written in the photo. Recently, Apple launched an update that will identify content or photos on iCloud which is inappropriate. The photos will be automatically flagged and reported to Apple. Its update was stated as an invasion of privacy by many industry experts. Now, the integration of AI will not send back photos to Apple.

Most of the smartphones come with “Do Not Disturb,” which restricts the notification except the chosen listed contacts. The latest software update comes with “Focus” feature that will allow users to silence the notifications from pre-approved apps. Moreover, the user can create multiple Focus settings depending on the user. In addition to this, Apple has improved its Maps, which includes the integration of augmented reality to effectively guide the user in the direction.

One of the top highlights of the iOS software update is its new feature, “App Privacy Report” which will let the users know how a particular app accessed its location or microphone. Moreover, users who pay for iCloud will get access to the “iCloud Private Relay” feature that hides the user’s IP address. The new software update will make Siri, its voice assistant, faster as it does not have to send the data back to Apple.

iPhone users can share their health app data with doctors with the help of electronic medical records (EMRs). The new features on the health app will enable users to share data with their doctors. This will help the physicians to remotely monitor them. According to The Verge, six healthcare companies are joining the launch of this feature, while some companies said they are excited to use the new features.