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New IoT Certification Protects People From Cyber Attacks

A new certification for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry has been unveiled. Affinity IoT Security Labs announced the new certification through a press release, stating that “marketers can distinguish themselves from the competition and build trust with consumers that their devices will securely interact with the internet.”

The certification will reportedly protect a full range of IoT devices including medical devices, consumer electronics, and industrial controls.

A need for security standards for the world’s expected 75 billion IoT devices by 2025 was cited as the primary driver for the new certification. It’s estimated that 127 IoT devices connect to the internet every second, with 30.3% belonging to the healthcare industry.

“Our robust program offers IoT device manufacturers a cost-effective means to protect themselves and consumers against potentially catastrophic security risks,” said Joseph Fisher, president of Affinity IoT Security Labs.

Besides ensuring that connected IoT devices are secure, the certification also carries the added benefit of being supported by interactive trust seals, permanent certification webpages, and scannable QR codes. The seals can be printed on the manufacturer’s packaging to help give additional peace of mind.

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