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FBI Expands Cybersecurity STEM Program

The FBI this week announced that it would expand its Cyber STEM program to additional locations in the United States.

The Cyber STEM program helps prepare students for careers in cybersecurity, and possibly work for the FBI in the future. The course is designed for students who show an interest in science, cybersecurity, technology, and mathematics. As part of the course curriculum, students learn from a diverse set of topics such as computer forensics, ethics, and leadership.

Starting in 2015 in Pittsburgh, the program was piloted out of concerns of a potential gap for qualified cybersecurity professionals. The number of students that applied to the course is said to have exceeded expectations as it received over 150 applications.

The Cyber STEM program has since experienced strong interest and demand as the FBI reports that it grew to a total of six high schools with an enrolment of 700 students.

At present, the program is available in the following areas: Pittsburgh, Miami, and Washington Field Offices; additional locations are reportedly being considered and are in the process of being rolled out.

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