Apple Surprises And Frustrates Users With Good Morning Daily Newsletter

Apple has started sending daily newsletters by email in its Morning Daily roundup. The newsletter has frustrated many users on Twitter with most claiming that the emails were unwanted and unasked for.

The Morning Daily is a newsletter that consists of the trending news stories around the web that are pulled from various sources. In truth, you could find these stories yourself through using the Apple news app, but instead, these stories are being fed to user’s inboxes automatically.

Alongside the curated stories by Apple’s editorial team, there is also the option to sign up for Apple News+, which is a subscription service that costs $9.99. Some cynics such as Cultofmac suggest that the newsletter is merely an advertising tool for promoting this paid service.

Adding to the user’s frustrations, the newsletter is also reportedly hard to unsubscribe from, with attempts leading to a vague “403 forbidden” error.

The sentiment among twitter users towards the newsletter is largely negative while some were able to see the positive side.

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