Amazon Certified Solutions Architect Tops Salary List

A recent survey was conducted by Cert Mag which shows the lowest and highest paid positions based on certification. The Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect role claims to have taken the top spot, earning $146,960 per year in the United States and $55,380 around the world.

The researchers who conducted the study claim that the chart-topping salary was due to Amazon AWS’s dominance in cloud computing, as it controls 45 percent of the market.

Reaching this high salary, however, is not easy, as applicants must pass a series of smaller tests in order to be certified.

People must first pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam, then the AWS Cloud Developer exam, which is significantly more difficult than the former. Finally, people must pass the AWS Cloud Architect exam, which reportedly takes more than 30 days worth of part-time study in order to get a passing grade.

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