Frontier Tech News publishes original news stories in the fields of big data, IoT, cybersecurity, AI, cloud computing and related industries. When looking for a story, we search for strong news angles that we feel would benefit and serve our readers.

We strive to be at the forefront of everything to do with emergent and trending technology news in the US market.

Frontier Tech New’s chief editor and business operations are based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Story Ideation Process

Topics and stories are chosen based on group consensus. Each writer pitches or proposes story ideas in a group setting each day using social media, direct outreach, and investigative skills to draft unique content. Once the story idea and angles have been agreed upon, Frontier Tech New’s editor, Henry Dempsey, will approve the story for drafting.

In cases where speed is of the utmost urgency (for breaking news), reporters have the liberty to draft stories and have them quickly vetted by peers and editors before the story goes live.


Frontier Tech News is under the jurisdiction of New Zealand law and follows strict journalistic principles. We adhere to the principles of journalism set out by the New Zealand Media Council, the authoritative regulatory body for newspapers and digital media in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Media Council governs our policies regarding fairness, privacy, columns, headlines, discrimination, confidentiality, subterfuge, conflicts of interest, photographs, and corrections.

Besides the principles set out by this regulatory body, we also have an internal code of conduct that all editors, full-timers and contractors must adhere to for continued work or employment.

Each article must be:

  • Unique
  • Accurate and well-researched with authoritative anchor links and fact-checking
  • Unbiased and gives both sides to the story
  • Ethically sourced
  • Informative with a focus on hard news


Besides hiring educated journalists with many years of print and online media experience, we also look for contributors who have real-world experience working in technology companies.

Each writer undergoes a comprehensive 4-week training program before they are given permission to write for Frontier Tech News. The training includes modules for journalistic writing best practices, ethics, how to source and vette leads and more.


Frontier Tech News is backed by an impressive roster of full-time and freelance journalists. Below you’ll find an updated list of our roster. If you’d like to join us, send us an email on our contact page with your information.

Henry Dempsey

Henry joined Frontier Tech News in 2019 as the lead editor. Henry has extensive experience in writing and proofing work in the fields of blockchain and the internet of things.

Alicia Clements

Alicia is our go-to person for all things to do with cloud computing. Alicia recently completed a computer science degree at the University of California, Berkeley.

David Ogilvy

David is an artificial intelligence writer who has contributed to numerous online and print publications. David started working with Frontier Tech News in 2019.

Patrick Smith

Patrick covers big data and cybersecurity at Frontier Tech News. His writing has allowed him to travel and live in five different countries whilst contributing to a variety of online publications.