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93% Of Companies “Moderately to Extremely Concerned” About Cloud Security, Study Finds

Cloud security was highlighted as a significant issue for public and private organizations according to a research study conducted by Coalfire, a provider of cybersecurity advisory and assessment services in the United States.

The study uncovered how organizations respond to security threats in the cloud and what it means for security operations teams in the cloud shared responsibility model. Responses were collected in an online survey that was held on March 2019 across various industry segments to uncover the “latest trends, key challenges, and solutions for cloud security.”

A key point from the report was that 93% of respondents were “moderately to extremely concerned about cloud security,” which Coalfire claims to “provide a barrier to a more aggressive embrace of cloud strategies.”

Specific concerns from cloud cybersecurity experts were also provided in the report. The two biggest security threats were data loss and leakage as well as data privacy/confidentiality. Misuse of employee credentials and insecure interfaces were also cited as top threats.

The market for cybersecurity cloud computing is set to grow, with 62 percent of respondents stating that their budgets would increase over the next 12 months.

Remarking on the study’s findings, Coalfire released the following statement in a press release:

“Overall, many of the concerns expressed by respondents of the study pointed directly to the enterprise’s own responsibilities within the shared responsibility model.”

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