cybersecurity 83 percent of customers avoid company after hack

83% Of US Consumers Avoid Company After Hack, Cybersecurity Study Finds

In a recent survey published by PCI Pal, a PCI compliance company in the UK, has unveiled that 83% of consumers in the United States will avoid shopping with companies months after a recent cybersecurity breach, and 21% said that they would “stay away for good.”

To get the data, PCI Pal reported interviewed over 8,000 people in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia to uncover people’s attitudes towards sharing their personal information when shopping online.

The survey claims to have “uncovered significant changes in attitude and trust to security practices that were ultimately altering spending habits.”

Besides the figures uncovered from US consumers, the team also published its findings for other countries, noting that US consumers were the most likely to distrust a company after a security breach.

44% of consumers in the UK and 43% of consumers in Australia would stop spending with a company months after a breach, with 41% and 43% saying they’d never return. Canadian consumers were more discerning. 58% said they’d avoid the company months after the hack and 20% would stay away for good.

The report also revealed which industries were determined to be the “least trustworthy” according to the consumers interviewed. Retail and travel industries were seen as sectors that require the most amount of improvement, with Canadian consumers reporting the most amount of dissatisfaction towards both.

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